Our Team

No names needed. Just think of Vicky when you think of video marketing.

We are all Vicky

Why Vicky?

We like lists because they make our facts seem more believable.

100% Original Content

No templates or stock videos. Everything we create is made just for you.

Professional Actors

Our vetted network of professional actors have impressive credentials, like acting degrees from Julliard and recurring roles on Netflix.

7-Day Delivery

We produce the content your customers want at the rate that they demand.

7% Engagement Rate

People like, comment, and share our videos more because we don’t create content that’s forgettable.

10% Click-Thru Rate

Our CTR is higher than the industry average because it’s content people want to see.

Shareable & Non-Skippable

Our videos are made to entertain and engage, which increases their shareability and decreases your advertising budget.

Your Company Needs Video Marketing

Every company wants to spend less money on advertising to reach more people.

Video marketing is the best way to achieve that.


of internet activity is video watching


of people would rather learn about a company or product via video


of consumers buy after watching branded social video


of consumers are more likely to remember a message from a video than text